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Supermarket Sake

A brief list of sake bought from supermakets.

  • Taste: yum. Bought in Tairaya. (~¥450).

  • Didn"t like. Also a bit more expensive (~¥550).

  • Taste: yum, fruity. Maybe my favourite at the time of writing. Bought in Tairaya. Cheaper. (~¥350).

  • Didn"t like. Very savoury. Maybe it goes well with something else. 350円.

  • Tasty, fruity. A bit more ethanol taste compared the previous fruity one (I do not have the vocabulary for this task). Same company as another above; how do they differ? From Maruetsu for 418円.

  • I think this is the one! Sadly a bit more expensive. 450円 from Tairaya.

  • Meh. Just a bit bland. Drinkable but bland. Ito Yokado. 1050円 (720ml)

  • Tasty! Downside: the opening mechanism makes it really easy to cut your finger. Maruetsu 425円.

  • Same brand as previous. I this one has a more balanced taste. Can I say flat taste? Flat but enjoyably so. I was more careful with the lid this time. 1257円 from Ito Yokado.

  • Tasted like something someone with a more refined tongue could find some enjoyment in. I didn't dislike it, but won't buy it again.

  • This was amazing. It's pretty much exactly as it describes itself.